Legal Assets

Our wealth of experience and market knowledge means clients trust us to find practical, innovative and efficient solutions for their transactions, whatever the amounts involved. We believe that using our commercial reasoning and training combined with an extensive experience on legal aspects, is as important in a small portfolio acquisition as it is in more complex work.

The Law Chamber specialises in advising some of Europe’s leading investment funds and organisations acting in various fields, starting with real estate development, agribusiness, financing and leasing through to automotive logistics, pharmaceutical distribution, natural resources and environment on their most challenging transactions and assignments.

  • Expert approach. Our distinctive structural vision defines our approach. We strive to maintain a ratio of associates to partners significantly below that of most law firms active on the Romanian market since we focus on matters that require the attention, extensive experience and the sophistication of our partners.
  • Limited areas of practice. We are great believers of specialization when it comes to providing legal advice, hence our self-imposed limitation on practice areas that The Law Chamber offers its clients. We also limit the number and type of assignments we undertake and select those we are best suited for.
  • First class services. Our offices operate to the highest standards as would be expected of ‘magic circle’ law firms, providing the client flawless legal reasoning coupled with consistency throughout the service. Due to our small number and positive partner to associate ratio, we work together on a task-force basis on all of our matters, bringing to bear the requisite mix of people and expertise across practice areas.
  • Effortless collaboration. Our appointments aim to develop a close relation with each of our clients in order to have a profound understanding of their businesses, assess their needs and be able to advise in a pre-emptive and cost-saving manner. This is achieved with having our partners not just involved but dedicated to a limited number of deals at a time.
  • Value of services. The partners behind The Law Chamber have sought to offer rates which represent great value for the client given the responsiveness with which we manage to expedite assignments and the fact that no time is lost on internal management such as within larger firms or with having to re-do assignments prepared by inexperienced trainees.

The Law Chamber is not meant as a platform for average skilled know-it-all legal professionals to build a large and cumbersome business but rather a cleverly-designed association of legal experts built to withstand time and act as thought leaders.

We believe that our structure and approach will attract talented and entrepreneurial legal professionals, who will enable us to further-on perfect or service and achieve excellent results for our clients in complex and critical matters.

The fact that among all, we first get acquainted with client’s business strategies and goals helps us to achieve a high rate of success while delivering personal and out-of-the-box solutions rather than boiler-plate legal forms. We make a constant practice from combining our litigation experience with careful drafting to ensure that in most cases, if not all, we will be able to prevent disputes with our clients’ counterparties before they turn into court files. We work for clients who understand the role of business law within the legal system and are able to view businesses as entities separate from their owners and employees. We believe that business entities are subject to legal rules designed to give every participant in the marketplace a fair opportunity to succeed in a competitive environment.

We are business lawyers but play by the rules and pride ourselves on our solutions work. We recognize that our clients are best served if courts are avoided but will spare no efforts in winning court litigations.

Last but not least, we permanently and carefully work to achieve a fair balance between work and resources employed, outcome of the solutions offered and the final cost for the client.